Cloud Kitchens – Trend or Hype?

What? Why? Who? On Cloud Kitchens answered. Over the last year we have seen and heard about Cloud kitchens popping up all over the Food & Beverage marketplace. Having spent 25 years in the industry I must admit that I wanted to write it off as a Hype that is not going to last for long!Continue reading “Cloud Kitchens – Trend or Hype?”


As the entire world has been in a lockdown from past two months, countries are slowly opening, so will the food and beverage industry. But what will be the new consumer like? What are the exciting developments in the beverage industry which await us??  The big buzzwords are Health, Wellness and Mindfulness and these will continueContinue reading “TOP 5 BEVERAGE TRENDS THAT WILL THRIVE POST COVID-19”

Review and Revise your Food Service Concept to suit the New normal- Post COVID-19.

The concept development phase is the first step to creating a successful restaurant business adopting a practical  and methodic approach. The COVID 19 Pandemic has completely changed our normal business environment for the Food Service Industry and forced business owners and managers to make major changes to their operating environment. Based on a recent survey conductedContinue reading “Review and Revise your Food Service Concept to suit the New normal- Post COVID-19.”

Getting a Grip on your Restaurant Cashflows during COVID-19

The COVID outbreak has directly impacted the Restaurant Industry forcing many restaurants around the world to shut down . Those that have remained open,  have had to limit their transactions to only Take-Away or Delivery models. As a result, revenue drops have been significant, decreasing turnovers to approximately 80% lower than the budgeted  Understanding the currentContinue reading “Getting a Grip on your Restaurant Cashflows during COVID-19”