As the entire world has been in a lockdown from past two months, countries are slowly opening, so will the food and beverage industry. But what will be the new consumer like? What are the exciting developments in the beverage industry which await us??  The big buzzwords are Health, Wellness and Mindfulness and these will continue to set the tone to future trends. We have been talking to Industry veterans and creative mixologists and have captured 5 trends that are set thrive in the beverage market .


Health and wellbeing have never been so high on the global value hierarchy of consumers. The share of health products on the market is growing, and it is expected to pick up the pace this year and start to grow even faster. Drinks can have different health benefits: they can be energizing or relaxing, improve immunity, concentration and memory, or help with weight loss and digestion. Products with detoxifying effects will also be available more and more in retail in the future. With the current situation in the market consumers do not want to drink “just ‘cause”, instead they want to drink for a “just cause”.


It turns out that because food memories involve a basic, nonverbal part of the brain and utilize all the 5 senses they tend to be very powerful. Some of us are nostalgic about burgers and beer, perhaps, while others may have nostalgia for homemade soup or birthday cake. The memories are highly associative, reminding us of childhood, perhaps, or a favourite summer outing.

Recently, a number of snacks from the 90’s has made their big return to the market. And offering those exact flavours, such as bubble-gum, gummy bears and birthday cake, could be particularly trendy this year.


Consumers today, tend to be looking for food and beverages that are clean & green – and that includes not just the ingredients, but also the packaging.

A good packaging represents the brand which also builds confidence in the minds of the consumers. 2019 saw an increased interest in using glass bottles – which, incidentally, contributed to the growth of craft beverages.

We can see more and more craft beverages taking the market by a storm with fancy branded bottles, Maison jars and cups to go.


Consumers are turning to DIY and make-at-home products. Meal kit companies saw a sizable increase in demand when stay-at-home orders became commonplace almost across the globe. Restaurants grabbed the opportunity to get creative and offered hampers and kits to encourage customers to recreate their favorite dish at home.

The trend can be carried over to beverage space, where DIY kits for cocktails, speciality tea and coffee can see a rise in demand.

Interest in DIY beverages could continue even after consumers and businesses are given the “all clear.” Lingering concerns about the spread of COVID-19 may prompt some people to avoid crowded public spaces throughout summer.


W.F.H is the new buzz word and people are finding this much more convenient than having to drag themselves through hours of traffic to their offices. Being at home gives access to the kitchen all day, but workload seems to be increasing and there’s no time to cook a full meal. Snacking all day on mini meals and healthy nut mix packs and energy balls are trending.

Question? Can these replace a full traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are also great substitutes to a meal especially when they are healthy, wholesome and laden with nutrients, like in the case of smoothies and blended beverages.


Health & Wellness remain the strongest driving factor for future developments in the beverage industry. As a result, consumers are becoming more critical and aware of the ingredients of foods and drinks they consume on a daily basis. Drinks are best served in a number of ways: In addition to an exceptional taste experience, natural ingredients and balanced nutritional values, the environmental friendliness of packaging, sustainable production and the added value of functional food are becoming increasingly important.

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